Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
The Beatles
Beatles 1967 Sgt Peppers LP

For the benefit of Mr. Kite
There will be a show
Tonight on trampoline
The Hendersons will all be there
Late of Pablo Fanques Fair
What a scene

Peak Chart Position
  • the song was not released as a single - no chart rank
  • from the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967), Anthology 2 (1996), Love (2006)
  • the inspiration for the song came from a 19th-century poster for Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal - John Lennon had purchased the framed Victorian circus poster that dated back to 1843 in an antique store in Sevenoaks, Kent where The Beatles were filming a promotional video for "Strawberry Fields Forever" -  Lennon: "Everything from the song is from that poster, except the horse wasn't called Henry"
  • multiple recordings of fairground organs and calliope music were spliced together to create a "carnival atmosphere" that John Lennon had imagined for the song
  • on the record:
         John Lennon- lead and harmony vocals, Lowrey organ
         Paul McCartney- bass, guitar
         George Harrison- harmonica
         Ringo Starr- drums, harmonica, shaker bells
         George Martin- harmonium, Hammond organ, glockenspiel
         Mal Evans- bass harmonica
         Neil Aspinall- harmonica
  • written primarily by John Lennon, credited to Lennon/McCartney
  • produced by George Martin
  • engineered by Geoff Emerick
  • recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, England
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