Jack & Diane
John Cougar
Mellencamp John 1982 Jack Diane 45

Little ditty about Jack and Diane
Two American kids growin' up in the heartland
Jackie gonna be a football star
Diane debutante backseat of Jackie's car

Peak Chart Position
  • No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1982 for four weeks
  • RIAA certified Gold record
  • from John Mellencamp's fifth album, American Fool (1982)
  • Mellencamp's biggest hit
  • written by John Mellencamp
  • Mellencamp: “Jack & Diane" was originally about race. I was playing nightclubs and I was seeing new American couples, mixed-race couples. I thought it was cool. The song was my effort to make a song about that, but of course the record-company guy didn’t like it. He said, "Maybe if you put some horns on this song and really build the chorus up, then maybe you have a shot. But take the race thing out."   I took his advice and made Jack a football star. I think people, particularly in the Midwest, really identified with these characters. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and said, "I'm Jack and I'm Diane. You wrote about my life." To me, that's a successful song.
  • produced by John Mellencamp, Don Gehman
  • the music video for the song was made for $3000
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