That'll Be The Day
The Crickets
Holly Buddy 1957 Chirping Crickets

Well, that'll be the day
When you say goodbye
Yes, that'll be the day
When you make me cry
You say you're gonna leave
You know it's a lie
Cause that'll be
The day when I die

Peak Chart Position
  • No. 1 on the Pop singles chart (Best Sellers in Stores) in 1957
  • chart debut: Aug 12, 1957
  • single released in the U.S. May 27, 1957
  • from the album The "Chirping" Crickets (1957)
  • the biggest hit for The Crickets
  • the song was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • ranks #39 on Rolling Stone magazine's 2010 list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
  • Holly grabbed the phrase "That'll Be The Day" from the 1956 John Wayne film The Searchers
  • Paul McCartney told Rolling Stone: "John and I spent hours trying to work out how to play the opening guitar riff to "That'll Be The Day."  It was the first song John, George and I ever recorded."
  • Norman Petty, who produced the song, did not participate in the song's composition but did receive a songwriting credit
  • on the record:
       Buddy Holly- lead guitar and vocals
       Larry Welborn- bass
       Jerry Allison- drums
       Niki Sullivan- backing vocals
       Gary Tollett- backing vocals
       Ramona Tollett- backing vocals
       June Clark- backing vocals
  • written by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison (Cricket drummer), Norman Petty
  • produced by Norman Petty
  • recorded February 25, 1957 at Norman Petty Recording Studios in Clovis, New Mexico
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