Tomorrow Never Knows
The Beatles
Beatles 1966 Revolver LP

Turn off your mind, relax
and float down stream
It is not dying
It is not dying

Peak Chart Position
  • the song was not released as a single - no chart rank
  • from the album Revolver (1966)
  • on the record:
       John Lennon- vocals, organ
       Paul McCartney- guitar solo, bass
       George Harrison- guitar, sitar, tambura
       Ringo Starr- drums, tambourine
       George Martin- piano
  • written primarily by John Lennon, credited to Lennon/McCartney
  • the lyrics were inspired by The Psychedelic Experience, a 1964 book written by Harvard psychologists Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, which included the lines "When in doubt, relax, turn off your mind, float downstream"
  • the song title was a Ringoism like "A Hard Day's Night"
  • produced by George Martin
  • recorded April 6, 1966 at Abbey Road Studios, London
  • this was the first recording session for 19-year-old Geoff Emerick who was hired to replace Norman Smith who previously had engineered most of the Beatles work (close to 100 songs)
  • the song was the first example known of a vocal being put through a Leslie speaker cabinet to obtain a vibrato effect (the Leslie speaker has a rotating horn normally used as a loudspeaker for a Hammond organ)
  • although it was the last cut on the album, it was the first Revolver track recorded
  • Phil Collins covered the song on his album, Face Value (1981)
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